Deb Vawdrey

Yoga Teacher


Yoga Teacher Deb Vawdrey began her journey into Yoga about 10 years ago when she was looking for something to relieve the stresses of business-life and support her physical well-being.

What began as an enjoyable and healthy outlet became a change in direction for Deb; and an eye opening realisation that Yoga is so many things for so many people.

Deb believes that for some Yoga is simply a way to become more flexible, for others it’s a ritual of mindful movement and nourishing breath-work; and yet for others Yoga is a social activity to connect with other like-minded people while engaging in a physical, emotional and spiritual pursuit of wholeness. The one constant that Deb has identified is that everyone who participates in Yoga seems to get whatever it is that they need from it.

Yoga has transformed me from a hard edged business owner to a compassionate and empathetic member of the community with a yearning to learn more and enhance others’ lives” says Deb.

Deb’s yearning turned into a burning desire to teach Yoga so she could share her love of the mind/body/spirit practice with others.

Since undertaking Yoga Teacher training with Symphisis Yoga on the Mornington Peninsula in 2012, Deb Vawdrey has been teaching Yoga in private studios across south east Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula and in Gippsland.

In 2016 Deb commenced a specialised program with Yogafit, a global organisation that combines the traditional philosophy of Yoga with Exercise Science, and includes specialised training for Kids Yoga, pre-natal Yoga and Yoga for older bodies.

Deb recently completed 15 days of training with Yogafit Warriors, a program created for teachers to support clients with PTSD, depression and anxiety. Deb is also completing her Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness with the Australian Fitness Academy.

Yoga Teacher Deb Vawdrey teaches classes at Physioworks Health Group Pakenham every Tuesday evening.