Elite and General Sports Injury Management


If you have a sports related injury or concern, no matter what your sport or level of participation, Physioworks Health Group can help.

Led by David Francis who has been the Head Physiotherapist at the Collingwood Football Club since 1995, our team of sports health professionals have the skills to accurately diagnoses and treat acute and chronic musculoskeletal sporting conditions.

Physioworks will advise when further investigations are required, such as ultrasounds, CT’s and MRI’s, and we have relationships with a wide range of health professionals to ensure, for example, that you benefit from a skilled ultrasonographer or radiographer. Physioworks also have an extensive referral network should a referral to a Sports Physician, Surgeon or other medical practitioner be required.

Managing treatment of a sporting condition and getting back to your sport involves planning a progressive return to sport with knowledge of when to return to training, training loads and communicating with coaches. We can help with your rehabilitation in all these areas.

If your injury requires more than Physiotherapy we can provide other health care therapies including Podiatry, Exercise Physiology, Massage Therapy and Clinical Pilates, at all of our clinic locations, with practitioners who can fully co-ordinate your rehabilitation.

Physioworks Elite Sport Expertise and Involvement:

David Francis
AFL Senior Collingwood Football Club Physiotherapist

Scott Williams
APA Sports Physiotherapist

Ben Shipperd
Physiotherapist for Cricket Victoria Second X1
AFL Collingwood Football Club Physiotherapist

Sam Mayes
VFL Collingwood Football Club Physiotherapist

Millie Berkhout
Physiotherapist for Casey Cavaliers (Big V Basketball)
AFLW Collingwood Football Club Physiotherapist

Matthew Lynagh
APA Sports Physiotherapist
Certified FMS and SMFA Practitioner
Sports Physiotherapist for the Victorian Cricket Girls U15 & U18
Cricket Australia Men’s ID team Physiotherapist

Phillip Boland
AIS Tennis Soft Tissue Massage Therapist
Australian Open Tennis Massage Therapist
Australian Federation Cup Tennis Massage Therapist

Physioworks Pakenham provides physiotherapy and health support services to local community Sporting Clubs including:

  • Pakenham Football Club
  • Cora Lynn Football Club
  • Devon Meadows Football and Netball Club
  • Nar Nar Goon Football Club
  • Cranbourne Football and Netball Club
  • Berwick Football Club
  • Tooradin Dalmore Football and Netball Club
  • South Eastern Football Netball League (SEFNL)
  • Ellinbank and District Football League (EDFL)
  • West Gippsland Football and Netball Competition (WGFNC)
  • Cranbourne Basketball Association (CBA)