Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation

If you have an injury or condition requiring surgical intervention Physioworks Health Group can assist. If your condition requires a surgical opinion or intervention Physioworks Health Group have a network of specialist surgeons to whom we regularly refer. We will communicate with the surgeon and provide referral letters and reports as required.

Physioworks Health Group will continue to liaise closely with your surgeon throughout the pre and post rehabilitation process.

Following surgery, on advice of the surgeon concerned, post-operative rehabilitation commences. Depending on your post-operative condition and your goals in terms of returning to normal function and/or sport, physiotherapy commences to help you through the initial post operative stage, with gradual progression to a home based programme, hydrotherapy or rehabilitation classes in our onsite clinic gymnasium. Exercise Physiology or Massage Therapy may be beneficial in terms of aiding recovering from the surgery, an enforced period of inactivity/restricted movement and/or loss of overall general fitness.

Physioworks Health Group provide post-operative rehabilitation for many procedures including:

  • ACL and PCL Knee repairs
  • Shoulder reconstructions
  • Achilles Tendon repairs
  • Total Knee replacements
  • Total Hip replacements
  • Ankle arthroplasties

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